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How Can Drone Inspection Help You?

By using our drone inspection services to complete your inspection work you can increase productivity and efficiency which will help to reduce your costs, all the while mitigating risks to your team and keeping them safe while we conduct the surveying.



Roof Drone Inspection

Find that pesky leak and assess the extent of damage or check for required maintenance to your roof without the need for scaffolding with our drone inspection services

Image by Waldemar Brandt

Wind Turbine Inspection

Inspect the structural integrity and condition of your wind turbine blades in a cost effective and efficient way by using a drone for inspection.

Image by Derek Sutton

Solar Panel Inspection

Quickly and easily inspect your solar panel farm for cleanliness and serviceability with a drone

Image by Max Böttinger

Power Line Inspection

Drones for inspection which are equipped with thermal imaging camera capabilities can detect abnormal heat signatures and prevent equipment failure

Iris-Road-03-07-2022-orthophoto-VARI (1).jpg

Crop Health Inspection

Protect your profits by quickly inspecting and monitoring your crops for health issues using a drone


To improve the accuracy of the inspection our drone pilots will install temporary ground control points across the inspection area (if required). These points are installed using high-precision GNSS and serve as reference point for the data collected by the drone. Depending on the area for inspection, multiple flights maybe required if mapping large areas


1 / A Cost effective Solution

Replacing traditional inspection methods with a drone inspection will reduce project costs

2 / Rapid Deployment on site

A drone can quickly collect the data you need and implement an appropriate maintenance schedule

3 / Improve Risk Managment

Reduce risk of conducting the inspection by negating the need to work at height and access hazardous areas which you where previously unable too

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